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Living with my mom is insane–we are just too much a like. Period. End of story–it’s always been this way. For a year I have been fighting to get through this schooling; in theory I should I be done in Juneish of 2012. But, we live in a 3 bedroom house with 7 people. Jon, the kids, and I share ONE room. My brother has a room, and then of course my mom and step-dad.

But this leaves me with NO WHERE to do homework. The table is covered with food or clothes waiting to be folded–it’s just how she does it. My room is in no way large enough for a desk or table considering it has a queen bed, crib, 2 dressers, and a play pen already. They just don’t get it–I have been trying for a year; they all say oh we will get it fixed, we will get you a place to work. Needless to say it has yet to happen. I can’t get any work done sitting on the bed or on the couch it’s just to uncomfortable. {Kills my back}

Last night I was just fed up; I wanna give it all up and forget about it. Never look back, my grades are suffering because of this and I am barely maintaining a “C” average which is in no way conducive to getting into grad school. But, Jon keeps saying I can do it he will fix it. “Promises” Well, I love him I do and am thankful for all he does. But, him, step-dad, and mom have all been “promising” for a year. Grrrr

Any ideas on SMALL work areas? Help me!!! lol


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