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It’s been a busy weekend. Miss Tricia’s birthday was Friday. Had an evening out just our little family. Can not believe she is 3 already, how the time flies. The hubby and I got to go out alone Saturday to see the Riddle girls win their second play off game. Then we went to dinner and a movie. The Eagle is definitely worth the money to see it in theaters.

Today we decided we are going to have to find a new home for our cat, she is just causing to many issues with my mom to keep her. So we went and bought some fish, Tricia has named them “Nemo” and “Him”.

Oh and the final weeks of a term. I’m surviving and so is the family 🙂 that’s a good sign.

Finally I am slowly working on some things around here. As soon as I get to a computer I will I add photos to the info pages so you can put faces to names. Off to sleep for work in the morning.

Good night and may you have the sweetest dreams.

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A twenty-something mom of 2, wife of 1, candid (sometimes brutal), psych student.

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