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Yes, I know I have been slacking. But last week was hectic. Since I take classes at three different places, I have three different final weeks. And this week was my psychology class final. It was actually writing for the social services and had to write a complete research paper.

We bought a “new” car. It’s a MINI-VAN, but it is what we need. Definitely a move up. The two most important things that I wanted in a car were achieved with this purchase; 1) to sit up higher, that damn Cavalier is on the ground, and 2) it’s a CLUTCH!!! sorry I am a little over excited I know 🙂

We are still waiting on our state tax return and come to find out it has gone into manual review {whatever the hell that means}. So it can take at least another 6 weeks before we will see it, so we really need to sell our old car and FAST!

I have been dealing with my own issues while Jon is trying to work on getting things set up to do the MEPs thing. And I know I have not been much help. Unfortunately with PTSD (I am an incest rape/molestation survivor) you are most often in a constant state of hyper-something. Mine is hyper-vigilance; I am always looking for the next bad guy, the person who is going to try and hurt me or my kids, is that person following me in the car or out of the store. So when the stress of finals and getting things organized, money, finding a car, etc hit I just melted. Relaxation is just not in my repertoire. I am working on it but I just haven’t been able to figure it out yet. I would love to try some different therapy techniques but of course with no medical insurance that isn’t an option at this moment.

Okay, I think that is all for now. Oh and I have Friday morning off–thank God for the Elementary school being out 🙂


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