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With Jon leaving tomorrow for Florida (yes me and the kiddos are staying here in this rainy, gray place…jackass) to visit his family for the first time in about a year I have been thinking.

I am so ready to get this new adventure/life on the road. But with my schooling and him trying to juggle kids while I am at work its been hard. We were initially hoping for him to leave in April or May (this was back in November/December when we began this discussion and path) but now its here and he hasn’t even made to MEPs! So we are thinking this fall–well I am on track to graduate next August so I will be trying to finish my last few terms after he’s in. Not a big deal–just have to work on my internship out of the area…my school already said no problem.

But, I am just ready to move on. To live on our own again, to be a family. I know that it would be time apart but at least we would be our own family. If you have never lived with your parents with your husband and your kids you probably don’t understand that statement but that is ok.

So off to finish the last assignment I have (that I am avoiding) before Jon leaves. Then next week is SPRING BREAK. 2 more days and I will have a whole week off of work and school, and no hubby home* quality time with my kiddos here I come!

*Well maybe, Jon is on hold with Amtrak because they called and (the automated message) said the weather conditions have interfered with part or all of his travel.


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