Yet another annoying moment in my life….

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>I swear lately all that has been going on has just been annoying. Not bad, not good just down right annoying and frustrating.

First, my “baby” brother (ok, he’s 12) has Angelman’s Syndrome. Wanna know more? Go here. And he has a full-time caregiver. Mind you she has a pretty damn cushy full-time job. My brother is a typical 12 year old, happy entertaining himself–yes it’s with baby toys, and kiddie cartoons but nonetheless he is happy being alone. So she get to do homework, talk to her fiance on the phone, hell have him come over, etc. All at $10/hour. But lately she has been bitching and whining to my mom that her mom is so terrible, her mom isn’t a “mom,” yada yada. Ok don’t get me wrong I know some people just aren’t meant to be moms or aren’t good at it. You had a rough childhood, I get it. But, the fact that CONTINUALLY state that “I can’t wait till I am married then I will have a family of my own and not have to deal with this shit.”


Wait, a minute. First off your family is always your family whether you choose to speak or associate with them or not. Second, why do you have to wait until you are married to stop dealing “with this shit”? Chick your 21 years old, your fiance is 24, your life is yours, move on and do what you want. The only thing you are making me think is you want your momma and the rest to pay for and help with your flipping wedding and then dump their asses once you get what YOU WANT. And I am sorry that doesn’t make you appear in a very good light.

Secondly, what really annoys me about this situation, is that my mom in her typical I must help every fucking person who walks through my door mentality. Now, has taken her has her “daughter”. So now she gets paid $10/hour to come to my mom’s house, and learn how to cook, sew, etc etc. The things that my mom won’t even make time to do with me. I literally had to beg and be in tears for my mom to show me how to make a blanket for my 1 year old son, the night before his surgery. After months of her saying she would show me “this weekend.” And yes my advice to the caregiver earlier, fits here for me. And I am doing just that, Jon and I are working on getting things in order; making sure the kids have their separate foods (Adam is on a special diet) that we buy, I have reached out to some wonderful ladies at work, and the fabulous YouTube, to learn how to sew, and cook somethings I have always wanted to.
I feel strongly that once he leaves for training, and after the school year ends (don’t forget I am a bus driver), the kids I will go to stay with his family in Florida.

I do have to say I am absolutely blessed and spoiled to have the in-laws that I do. These people have taken me in as one of their own; no judgment or conditions. Well, other than there are no returns on the marrying their son thing…lol. My father-in-law has become the true father I never had the pleasure of having, yes he has faults, but he isn’t afraid to admit them and work on bettering himself. The pure joy he has to be with his family is beyond any I have seen. I am slowly working on a relationship with my momma-in-law, she is a wonderful person no doubt. Her and the hubby are wonderfully close, and dad & I just got along so well, and were able to talk so easily, I just never took the time to foster that relationship. Well it’s a new year, and a new chapter, so I have started that.

Okay now back to your regularly scheduled ranting.

Finally, the last annoying thing that happened this week was with the recruiter. (ok there were actually 2 here also, but it I see it as just one continuous thing):
Monday Jon goes into see his recruiter, come to find out his recruiter is no longer there. Something about falsifying numbers on monthly paperwork, and sending ineligible kids to MEPs, etc etc. He didn’t even get to pack his office, the other recruiter did that for him.
Anyways, other than no notification from the other guy, until Jon went down there, this is a good thing. I didn’t like that recruiter anyway, he wasn’t very helpful, knowledgeable or motivated to get Jon enlisted.
But, on Friday Jon let his new recruiter now that we would be in to meet him, after I got off work so it would be 5 or a little after. Not a problem they usually leave at 6 or later. We get there, after I rush home from work, and they aren’t there. FUCK! (Mind you we drive a half-hour one way) Maybe an appointment ran late, so Jon calls and leaves a message, we stay in town until almost 7pm. It’s now Sunday and still no return call. You can see I am a little frustrated and annoyed at the way these guys run their ship. I don’t mind that the appointment didn’t happen but that a note wasn’t even put on the door that they weren’t gonna show.

(Yes, I know welcome to the military. But, I can still rant about annoying.)

Well, back to homework now. Aw, the end of the weekend, I can taste the work week. UGH.


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