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>Wow, things change fast. Went to the doc on Tuesday, the mastocytosis is getting worse. My doc isn’t sure that it’s systematic but she is doing tests to find out. As well as testing for lupus, other allergies (more on that in a minute), etc.

I have learned that the whole “milk make phlegmy” is actually my throat swelling and anaphylaxis. Hence the reason I get itchy and a rash too. So I took out dairy, was really good, the mom and little brother can’t have any. So thankfully that means I know the basic safe-things. But I ate a burger yesterday (that I am positive it and the bun are safe) with mayo. Had the hives and itchy throat again. Doc is thinking eggs. Damn–now I have no idea what to eat. And I don’t want to force my hubby and kids to do without; so really I just need to figure out me but still what a pain.

In 3 weeks I can get to see my hubby and kids. I can not wait! We are going to take an extended vacation to Seattle, before coming back down here for me to work. He’s working with the recruiter there to join the Navy–thankfully this one seems like he actually gives a hoot.

Alright, that is the beginning. I will update more as it comes into my mind. There has been so much going that my head is swimming.

Off to finish day 4 of a 12 day work week, paycheck will be nice. And lots of homework.


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A twenty-something mom of 2, wife of 1, candid (sometimes brutal), psych student.

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