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Almost 3 weeks, :slaps hand: “bad Delana, bad.”
So you all get a quick update before I must return to the dreaded homework (next week is finals week so have a few essays to whip out my ass)

Anyways, I am here and alive in Seattle. Not too far from where I grew up (like 10 minutes, WITH traffic…lol), and enjoying it. We have hit IKEA, I love that place (the nearest one in OR is 4 hours away), watched the air show; from our FRONT PORCH, yep we are that close. I have yet to get the chance to visit some friends in Pierce County, or family up north towards Marysville, but I have almost 2 months still.

We will be doing a party for Little Man’s birthday–we are gonna do it at the beach/park Hubby and I had our first date. Which yes might be an “awww” moment to most, but the reason hubby want’s to have it there is because I pulled a complete dorker. We were sitting on a bench–just watching people and nature, when I looked around and said “Wow, there’s no clouds today” to turn toward the water and see a shitload. He finds hilarious and in facts calls the place the “Cloudless Beach.” He’s an ass.

Ok, quick serious note. I started this blog as a way to journey my way through a husband wanting to join the Navy. But it seems as though that will most likely not be happening, he’s struggling to lose weight and get his waist size down. So we are looking at other options. I will be done with my BA in Dec of 2012; consequently plans are now are to be in Oregon (and me drive bus) until then. From there we will look at school’s with master’s programs for me, and job opportunities for us both. Deciding where to move then (on the list Oregon, Seattle, Bama, and Central FL area). But we have sometime, and will also be having to think of Tricia starting grade school at that point….ugh life.

Anyways I promise I will be doing a post on my parenting, and struggles as a CSA survivor. I don’t know if anyone cares, but I think it will make me feel better writing it down.


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