Red Button Issues (Casey Anthony Edition)

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Before you go on, the title should tell you that this will be a button for many (if not all), may even make you mad. All I have to say is “too bad,” I refuse to apologize for my opinion. If we wish to share your’s with me click that little “comment” button at the bottom. As long as they aren’t personal attacks, we can have a rational discussion on it.

Casey Anthony, where do I start? I lived just 30-45 minutes from Orlando when this whole thing started. I was scared and worried for Caylee; heartbroken when I learned they found her remains. The thought that her own mother, Casey, could have killed her was heart-wrenching, but having always been interested in True Crimes, and psychology, I had known of several mothers who killed their own children, so I have to say I wasn’t shocked that she might have.

Move ahead to the trail, I had followed it off and on. I heard the opening statements; where her attorney Jose Baez state it was an accident and she was forced to cover it up by her father who had sexually abused her as a child. I had a lot of questions, such as why would she allow her daughter near the man that sexually abused her? The whole that is what incest victims do, its what they know is a bunch of BS in my opinion; I am an incest survivor (by two brothers, my dad kept me silent to protect THEM) yet I refuse to speak to either brother, my dad, or anyone in my family who supports or protects them, and I sure as hell am not going to allow my kids near them.

I watched intently through the defenses case, and then the rebuttal. (I watched intermittently through the prosecutions case), and then of course the closing arguments. And today I was glued to the TV to watch the verdict. While I feel in my gut Casey is most likely responsible, if I take emotion, the extra info that the jury didn’t hear, I would have had to vote “Not-Guilty” too. Jose Baez was able to raise reasonable doubt in the mind of those jurors; the pictures of 18 month old Caylee climbing the pool stairs by herself were pretty impacting, they made it possible. The thought that George (a former detective) wouldn’t call the police after immediately smelling “the dead body” in the car, that her mom would change her story, the obvious dysfunction, it all made it plausible that maybe something else happened. Was it pre-meditated, was it child abuse, was it her? We may never know.

BUT, I will rest easy at night knowing that our justice system worked as it was designed too. The jury had reasonable doubt in those first 3 charges and they found her Not-Guilty. Would I have liked to see the truth come out? Of course. But I surely wouldn’t want to find out 5 years after she was put to death, that she was innocent.

I saw a comment on (a local Orlando news station) that we should throw out the jury system and follow the lines of North Korea, Iran, or Iraq (etc, etc) criminal justice system because “we don’t see guilty people walking free” well actually we do. First of we have NO clue what occurs behind the “walls” of North Korea, no one is allowed to use social media, the internet, and the regular media is HIGHLY regulated. Second of all Iraq, does anyone remember Hussein? his sons? They were free to rape, murder, and terrorize their own people, not until the US went in and took Hussein from power did his victims receive justice but for DECADES he walked. Further, even if every guilty person was “taken care of” there, they also convict and kill INNOCENT people. Which one would allow you to sleep at night? Knowing our country is putting innocent people to death nearly daily, or that this time someone got away? I promise you if she is the person the majority of America thinks she is she will slip up, doing something else and end up in jail. I hate to think that is what it will take, but sometimes it is. The system may not be perfect, but I believe it works 99.9% of the time.

Again these our MY opinions, no one mentioned even knows who I am, if you wish to discuss please do. But keep it element based NO personal attacks, they will be deleted.


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  1. Wife of a Sailor

    I agree. And I’ll bet that most, if not all, the jury believes she’s guilty as heck… but there IS a reasonable doubt and therefore, according to law, they must say not guilty. Not guilty doesn’t mean innocent 😉

    However, I do believe that not reporting your child missing for 30+ days should be considered child abuse or child endangerment. And she should be guilty of that since she admitted it.

  2. I agree the I would think at least neglect would come into play, but they charged her with Aggravated Child Abuse; so while she (I believe) she is guilty of child endangerment/neglect was it Aggravated Abuse?

    And what great point not guilty in any way means innocent, they are two different things.


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