Who woulda thunk it?

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Well things might actually work it out, how they we meant them to. We finally got confirmation that yes we will be receiving cash for keys, so we actually CAN move.  And after the idiot finally excepted my letters from school about financial aid, we have a house to move to.  So, we will be moving tomorrow, it took a week to get the house, etc and tomorrow we will be moved in.  I will still have to unpack but the move will be done.

I have found a college that 100% for sure I will be applying for (in FL), which obviously makes it my top school.  It is very compatible with what I wanna do, and how the hubby and I wanna do things.  We are currently finishing paying off some bills from our past, so that next year (yes, just one more year!!) when we move back to the beautiful state of Florida, we can buy our own place.  We are both excited, beginning to feel like adults….lol almost 4 years after being married and having 2 kids, but it takes time.

This week means I am closer to the end of this term then the beginning, just 3 weeks left (then right back into the Fall term), but I am excited, I always like the end of terms–I actually get real feelings of accomplishments.  I guess that’s all that’s been going on lately.  More later 🙂


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