A Dose of Happy

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(Yep, 2 days in a row–don’t get use to it…lol)

Over at Band Back Together they are again kicking some ass. What are they doing this time? Well, they are kicking Monday square in the blue monkey balls by throwing out A Dose of Happy on Mondays. They have asked us to join in, so I am. For me Monday sucks, it’s the day I start getting anxious about therapy–as that is on Tuesday mornings. And usually 4 days into my hubby’s work schedule, so the weekend was stressful and Monday has a cranky momma and kids.

So, here we go. My first Dose of Happy (actually, you get TWO this week….just because I missed last weeks);


I’m gonna be an Auntie to this wonderful jellybean (or as its daddy called it “strawberry”)–I am beyond thrilled! 😀

And I overcame my anxiety/fears and took my kids trick-or-treating ALL by myself (seeing as hubby worked) 😀

Come back next week for a hilarious video of my silly son!


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