Life Is In the Way AGAIN

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Well, the past week has been a blast. Somehow (eyes 4 year-old with suspicion) a “sticky, yellow substance” came in contact with the logic board, battery, and track pad of my MacBook; they want $755 to fix it all.  Which actually isn’t bad, but I don’t have that much. 

So now I am relying on the library and hubby’s uncles (MICROSOFT) computers, ugh.

But, I have gotten an internship at DAWN here in the Seattle area.  YAY!! I will be starting in January and working through at least the beginning of May.  I am truly excited for this opportunity especially since they took me, even though they have two UW interns that they HAVE to take due to contracts. 

We went to the doctor on Wednesday for Del and I, Tricia and hubby go this coming Wednesday, Del has been classified as “high risk” for Autism and is being sent to Children’s for further evaluation.

Now, we have to wait for the referral to go through and them call us back with an appointment.  I hope it soon, because this hanging in the middle has to be the worst part.  As soon as we have answers as to what is going on, we can create a plan to work it out.  But, right now it’s just limbo and that SUCKS!

I have to (most likely) have another shoulder surgery.  But no one on the west side of the state, usually, takes my insurance. 

I have called some doctors that Molina says are in network, and a few are willing to review records and make a decision from there.  Hopefully someone will do it for me, or I have to wait another 5 months and possibly delay our move. 

Plus, I am not sure if I am gonna come make it another 5 months; today I can barely type, hold a pen, or turn a page.  Which makes not only homework difficult but parenting.  Del isn’t the most cooperative with diaper changes, and doesn’t follow directions, leading to heavy strain on my shoulder. :/ 

That is about all for now, I will update as I can without a computer. 

But if you want quick updates and snippets of what’s going on in life with me and the kiddies.  You can follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page.  Just click the buttons at the top of the page.

Thanks for the patience and understanding, I miss writing it all out, so hopefully I can figure out a computer QUICK!


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