Christmas Prep

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Oh it’s that time of year. Full of family, fun, and stress.

I am almost finished with finals, the kids have now been informed it’s Christmas time (I wait until after Thanksgiving, they still don’t have the seasons figured out), and I begin worrying about presents, overwhelmed and over-stimulated kids.

This year I am more concerned then ever, we have Lil Man who has been diagnosed with autism and we are going to someone else’s house for Christmas Eve dinner.  Not to mention the obvious concern of meltdowns and overstimulation, Lil Miss doesn’t do noise well (like at all), it’s a new house to them, and I have never been there.  We have no place to take them in meltdown mode there, and we have no “breather” space (that’s what we call a timeout, prior to the bad behavior starting…if that makes sense)

And then of course my food allergies; I usually just buck up, take things with me to eat, and take allergy meds.  But, it’s still added stress to get those things ready and make sure those things are not forgotten packed.

Any suggestions from you Autism, food allergy, veteran moms would be appreciated.  Really 😀

I am starting my baking, just chocolate chip cookies today, and after I am finished with finals I am planning on doing fudge and some cupcakes.  Fudge will go into goodie bags for our mailman, garbage man, etc. just like my mom did every year when I was a kid 😛

So what are your favorite treats for Christmas? What goodies to you have to have to make it Christmas?

(Mine is fudge, we make it every year.)


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