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Holidays (Christmas especially) went far better than anticipated.  Although a few tantrums occurred it wasn’t overwhelming for Hubby and I to handle.

Today we went back to the Autism Clinic for an “Official” diagnosis.  (Because the state is ridiculous.) And saw Dr. Stobbe, he was very nice and answered a few questions I had lingering from last month’s appointment with Therese.

He has further referred Del to have an EEG (sooner than Therese thought was needed, but then again he is a neurologist so no one is arguing) and a Cardiologist due to his Breath-Holding Spells.

We have appointments for the Dermatologist (Monday) and the Audiologist (a week from Wednesday); I will be picking up the speech therapy report tomorrow to see where we need to go from there.  Also on Monday we will go and get the genetic blood testing done (since it as the hospital too).

Beyond, Lil Man; Lil Miss is doing well, still fighting potty training but I am changing tactics (she seems to want to use the adult potty vs the potty chair), and we will see how that goes.

Hubby is still working and (mostly) enjoying it.

I start my internship tomorrow, and classes start Monday 🙂 I am really excited for the Psychology of Religion class starting Monday.

That is about all for now, and I will post more as I have it (now that the computer is back up :D)


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