Special Needs Ryan Gosling (My first time…)

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This week has been a little crazy.  Del had a new speech therapy appointment and we are getting things ready for him to have a sedated (I have to notate that I corrected this from “seated” because everyone was so kind and didn’t point it out; however, I do believe that he will be lying down–for at least the EEG 😀 lol) EEG/EKG next week.

Lil Man’s current therapy consists of him running around (kid “directed”) and her blowing bubbles at him saying “blow” and “POP!” Which is great for working to teach him to talk but he needs a way to communicate sooner than later.  So this new therapist specializes in autism and behavioral concerns.

So, she (Dr. Noah, she has PhD in Special Education/SLP) worked with Lil Man on a picture system. Essentially giving or pointing to a card to indicate what he wants. For example, the card with a picture of cars on it to get cars out of the bucket. And then it would be expanded from there to include things like “drink,” “snack,” “bath,” etc..

And all that concerns leads me to this: (yea, I know not the best transition {ok, probably the worst} but I have NO brain lately)

Sunday over at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood has created a weekly link-up based off the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” photos for all of us parents of special needs kiddos.

There are always great photos up from other parents (and Sunday, of course); but I have been kind of timid to try it (I don’t wanna look like an idiot).  But, with the past few days happenings and realizing Lil Man’s current Speech Therapist isn’t doing the best for HIM, I decided to give at whirl.

Check out Sunday’s blog for the info on how it started, how to link up, etc, and join in!

So without further adieu I give you my first “Hey Girl” 😀



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  1. extremeparenthood

    I’m guessing Ryan’s convincing should clear up any misconceptions quite nicely! 😉

    I’m so glad you joined in on the fun and linked up with me today!

  2. Oh I’ve had a few “therapists” like that for my boys! Two of them had apparently no concept of how to read a clock and would show up literally an hour late with no call and then do like you described, very unfocoused and with little direction. So frustrating! Good thing you have Ryan to make it all better. 🙂

  3. blogginglily

    He looks angry. Probably he’ll get his point across. . .

  4. Awesome!
    And Welcome to Special Needs Ryan Gosling Team 😉

  5. Bwahaha!!! That was great!! (And sadly true)

  6. Ooh, yeah, Ryan, you handle her, because I just want to dump the bubbles on her head!

  7. Oh yeah, Ryan will get that all straightened out!!

  8. This is great! Ryan is VERY convincing!

    And I think I feel you here. My son’s speech therapist is working mostly on articulation, when he CLEARLy needs help in so many other areas, like executive function, having a conversation, etc. but she won’t quit beating him over the head with his stupid “TH” sound. I feel like she is wasting our time and it’s driving me nuts! Good luck!

    • Exactly, can’t we prioritize? I mean yes I would love for him to talk, but right now to help prevent frustration melt downs he needs a way to communicate his wants/needs. (Plus, I really need to keep the shred of sanity I have left; which a communication system would assist in). And if he never talks, I really don’t care as long as he has a tool to use.

      I am hoping that with the knowledge of how he does with the PECs she will use it more (she did suggest I seek out a place that creates the PODD books for kids, so I am clinging to hope about knocking some sense into her about USING it at therapy)

  9. Thank you ladies, I appreciate the kind words, and encouragement 😉 I have so few friends in the real world that just “get” it, it’s nice to not hear the typical “it’ll be ok” responses 😀

  10. You tell them, Ryan! Great poster 🙂


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