Special Needs Ryan Gosling

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Oh my it’s been a long week and we really haven’t done anything. I hate these kind of weeks, because we were just recovering from Lil Man sleeping all day Friday thanks to the procedures but I literally have gotten NOTHING done.  So I have a back log of chores and errands. 😦

Lil Man even missed all his therapy appointments this week because we just couldn’t get awake enough to attempt them.

Sleep-deprivation has been a combo of his schedule now being screwed up from sleeping all day last Friday and the lack of his blanket; while I understand it was an accident and accidents happen I am furious.  Everything was done to make this procedure appointment successful and then they lose a blanket.

This blanket mind you isn’t a small baby blanket, this is a stadium blanket that my husband’s football buddies (at 6’4″ and 300+ pounds) can be under and not look dumb. And why I know this is irrelevant* 😉

So without further delay, here are my Special Needs Ryan Gosling this week (and, boy do I wish he were at the hospital to make waves last week)

(I am positive the germs are too scared to get close to you and if not that jacket will keep the germs out.)

(I bet you will Ryan 😉 )

That’s all I have this week (late even) as I have to now go off and do intern hours on the DV crisis line.  ::fingers crossed:: I don’t fall asleep between calls.


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  1. Oh, holy crap! If someone lost one of my kids’ blankets, I’d be furious too! How can they not know where it is?

    • They know where it is. They put it in their linens, the linens were picked up and placed in the general holding area. And at that point no one is allowed to go back and search through the piles of linen due to health/contamination concerns.

      They supposedly called the linen cleaning group and they are suppose to call if they find it in there (it’s RED, hospital linens are white, jerks). It also has an ID sticker on it, but it’s been a week so I doubt it’ll be saved

      Now, we are in holding pattern trying to get a replacement from hubby’s high school in FL :-/

  2. Poor little guy, that stinks! I hope you are all able to get some sleep soon. And Ryan will find that blanket in no time, he is that good. 🙂

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