#SNRyanGosling — Terrible Week Edition

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Well, this week just blowed.  Actually it was much worse than that but I can’t think of  a proper term to use to describe it. :-/

It started out with last Friday after work I took Lil Man to our PCP just to touch base because we hadn’t seen him since November when he referred us for Autism evaluations.

2 weeks before Lil Man had an EEG and I knew the results were to be back in about a week, since I hadn’t received a phone call from anyone I figured everything was ok (yea know, no news is good news?) Boy, was I wrong.

Dr. Herman (our PCP) wanted to know what the plan was for taking care of the results with the EEG, as the report was fairly vague.  I told him I didn’t know as I hadn’t received any notice it was abnormal.

So he read me the report and it says that they saw seizure activity on the EEG, but it could have been the sedation, so Dr. Herman asked if we had seen any seizure activity.  I told him yes, that was why we had the EEG done sedated rather than wait until we thought he could handle it awake.

I then went through the description of what we are seeing, in a nutshell absences seizures; staring of into space (and unable to be “startled) and some flicking of the tongue at the same time.

So Dr. Herman suggested I call and make a sooner appointment with Lil Man’s Autism doctor, which I did immediately following exiting the building.  I learned that his doctor at the Autism center wouldn’t be returning to the office until May 8th (the day of our appointment) and that was why we hadn’t heard anything.

Some how we had fallen through the cracks and no one read the report when it arrived at the center :-/ so we ended up getting an appointment set with a neurologist (we have seen before) for next Thursday and hopefully we will have a clearer direction from there.

(Wow, that was ALOT longer than I thought it would be).  The rest of the week just was crappy, Wednesday I found out to pass my internship I have to take a Major Field Exam.  Which wouldn’t be too bad but I have to take it in person, in Eugene OR and I am currently living in Seattle.

That’s right after 16 weeks of being in the class, and my advisor knowing I was in Seattle, I am told to get credit and pass this class I have to travel for AT LEAST 2 days to take this test.

Because of the time of the test (6pm on a Thursday) it would require me to stay at least that night, and that would mean I would have to leave here at about 6am so I had enough time just in case of traffic since it is about an 8 hour drive down there.  But, unless Jon can go with me I can’t take the van which would mean renting a car or taking the train/flying, but then I would have to leave Wednesday and not head back until Friday making it 3 days. 😦

Oh yea, I have to take the test (and have all the logistics, including child care) figured out this next week since the test is on May 3rd.

And finally yesterday on the way home from work/internship the brake pedal in the van about hit the floor before braking. Which means that I now have to replace the rear brakes (and they’re DRUM, ugh) and do it before we go to Eugene if that’s the route we take.

No worries I have them fixed well enough for around here by bleeding the lines and topping off the master cylinder with brake fluid. I also had to adjust the shoes/parking brake, but they will be ok for a bit until I can get them done.

Alright, now that I have just brain dumped my problems on the page I give you Ryan Gosling (the reason why y’all show up every week).\

Man Ryan planning is the worst.  Thank you.

Oh boy the first quiz I am actually excited about 😉

Aww, thanks Ryan.

Go get ’em Ryan!

 Thanks for stopping by, I love all the comments and the understanding of my rough weeks.  Now go over and check out Sunday’s blog to see her take (they’re hilarious) and the rest of the gang’s posters for this week.


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  1. confessionsfromhh6

    I can’t stand piss poor logistics and lack of planning. That goes for your class and the doctor’s office. You seem to be handling it a whole lot better than I would.

    • Ha! I’m only handling it ok now. I’m sure most my Twitter followers hate me after Wednesday. I was annoyed and kind of whiny.

      But then I put kids to bed “early” and had lots of wine 🙂

  2. That just bites. Seriously? They didn’t bother to call and tell you about your son’s EEG? And the school not informing you of the traveling is just stupid. Sheesh….how annoying!

    • Yea, I was furious. So I had a stern talking to with his doc’s nurse (since she’s out) and he got me in next week the neurologist of MY choice, rather than just who had space.

      School was just dumb, thankfully I still have family there and it just makes it an impromptu vacation/visit with grandma and grandpa (if the kids go with) but still a pain to pull off in 2 weeks, especially with a child with autism.

  3. You need to have Ryan kick some butt for you. I hate when people don’t keep me in the loop on the important stuff.

  4. Ryan his Ferragamo shoes are happy to assist you. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Dang–sometimes when it rains it pours. So sorry for the week you’ve had and hoping your little guy is okay. Hope that Ryan can make sure y’all don’t slip through the cracks again.

  6. extremeparenthood

    I can’t believe they didn’t call you with those results! That is complete and utter BS!


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