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Well this week has been interesting to say the least.

First, on Monday I got the OT report showing Lil Man was at about 7 months development (can you say ouch!).  Then we sent off all that information to apply for the Birth-Three program, which obviously he qualifies for.  Since he receives speech through the hospital we won’t be using them for speech, but he desperately needs OT, so we will start there.

Then I took Lil Miss and got her enrolled in pre-school since we were one of the first to turn the application, so it seems, she should start soon instead of waiting until September.  Which is awesome because she has only been asking to go to school for 2 YEARS! (I think she gets that from me :D)

Also Monday I got confirmation my orthopedic surgeon accepts all my insurance, I go this coming Monday to get a referral to see him.  I will most likely, almost certainly, will be having another surgery; this one will all likelihood will be far more extensive than the first.

We learned Lil Man had one “blip” on his EEG, and the neurologist (who specializes in kids with autism) said something like 45% of kids with autism have that “blip” but not all those actually have seizures.  (Confusing I know) So we will continue to keep an eye on him to see if the staring spells get any worse or anything then go from there.

He also placed a referral to have Del evaluated with for an AAC device, hopefully I will have that appointment made soon.

And finally, today hubby messaged me from work and said that his new manager has asked him to apply for the assistant manager’s positon because she really wants him as her assistant!!!  He will be applying, but still has to jump through all the hoops and hope nobody above her wants someone else in that position (all though they have been through 3 manager teams since he has been there about a year)…but it appears he has pretty dang good shot.

Alright, on to eye candy! This weeks picture is awesome, our family is a music family.  Lil Man loves listening to music (especially Elton John!) as does Lil Miss (her fave? Adele)–I know I am spoiled with kids who like good musical taste, I blame that on hubby and his family they are HUGE music people. 🙂

I do need a hair cut and a new pair of heels...

I don't mind if I do. Instead of waiting for me there, care to join once their asleep? 😉

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  1. congrats on your hubby’s position (or the possibility)
    I haven’t had my son Will in for his EEG yet.Not looking forward to watching them try to get him under.

    I sure hope Ryan decided to meet you when he’s done 😉

    • I don’t know where you are going, but ours went much easier than expected.

      The doc had his favorite movie ready for him and he watched it while they slid the mask near his face, no screams–only struggle was when the mask was in way of watching show on doc’s on iPhone, once we moved phone up so he could see over the mask he was fine.

      Waking up is whole other story, he is always “out of it” when getting up from naps/bed time. So this just amplified it.

      Is there anyway you’re PCP/referring doctor can e-mail the anesthesiologist? Ours had been talking all week, so everyone was on the same page and knew what to expect.

      Feel free to e-mail or hit me up on Twitter/Facebook if you wanna talk about it 😀

  2. extremeparenthood

    My boys never had EEGs as a part of their diagnostic testing. I wonder if that is something new they do in the years since their diagnosis. Frankly I don’t know how we’d keep them still enough to do the test! Hopefully your sons’ “Blip” is nothing to be concerned about.

    LOVE the posters you did!

    • We actually had to sedate him 😦

      But ours wasn’t part of the autism screening, only did it because of staring & breath holding spells.

      • We are waiting for the official diagnosis after being diagnosed by the school and ped…yeah. Fun stuff. Looks like I have even more fun stuff to look forward too. I had no idea that included EEG’s. Good luck to your husband BTW! Looks like Ryan is taking care of you right fine!

  3. I’m just about to start the process of having Caleb evaluated for those staring spells. I’ve been noticing them for a couple of years now but no one backed me up on it until the last IEP meeting when all his teachers and even the principal said they had noticed them. Now I’m worried. I’m glad to hear that your experience seemed to go okay! Glad to find your blog! And i LOVED your hey girl posters…SIGH. =)

    • Aww thanks.

      The staring spells are hard to catch. My (adopted) brother has they absences seizures and it took a bit to get him diagnosed. 😦

      If ya wanna talk feel free to contact me on Twitter or FB.

  4. I hope everything is fine with your son! And I really hope it works out for your husband. I would think that the manager would have a lot of say in who she gets for her assistant. Fingers crossed.

    And Ryan? Well, he’s delectable!

  5. Good luck to your hubby!!

    And yes – I would love wine, Ryan and a new pair of heels too. Preferably Ryan first 😉

  6. Life is a roller coaster eh? Best of luck you and your family. Gosh if that doesn’t sound like a canned response but it’s how I feel. The official diagnosis is something we have yet to do. *cringes*.

  7. the EEG can be freaky…hope it goes ok…

    my ryan is al about the lullabies this week as well.



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