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I have been on a bit of an impromptu hiatus.  I needed the space, I needed to breathe,  I needed to find me in the world.

Although I still haven’t completely succeeded in the last one I am well on my way.  I have forged my own path, I have began to become the person I was meant to be, doing the things I was meant to do.

A quick update; Lil Man is doing well.  He is now in school and minus one escape to the road is doing great there with lots of progress.  Lil Miss is full of the awesome and is doing amazing in school; actually the only concern I have is how far ahead she is and the behavior we could see if she becomes bored in classes. Hubby is awesome, he got a promotion at work to Loss Prevention and is loving every minute of it (this being the guy who threatened to greet my uncle, who happens to be a cop, as “The Man”). 

I have found a new job, one that appreciates what I bring to the table and allows me to flourish working with this population.  I went from young kids (6-12ish) to working with at-risk teen girls.  I am in love, I get to use my knowledge and training in sexual assault and domestic violence and truly grown as a person and a professional here.  As of today I am officially a supervisor, after being with the company for only 4 months, it’s a great feeling.

I completed my BA in Psychology (graduated December 14th) and am going back to class in a few weeks, I am hoping to get a second BA in before I start grad school–if I am accepted–in the fall.

2013 is looking bright, I can’t wait; I am excited to be where I am but even more excited about where I am going and where I will end up.  I have set a few “resolutions” for myself, although they are more like goals.

One, being starting to attend church.  With my work schedule this maybe hard but I am hoping to make it once a month.  I have been longing for and searching for my spiritual home for awhile, a bit deterred of following the religious/church path.  Then I began to look, again, into the Episcopal church; I need to go on a Sunday and such but, fingers crossed, I think I may have found my home in the Episcopal church at a congregation about 20 minutes from home.

Second, I would love to participate in a 5k for charity this fall.  So getting myself up and moving is going to be key, thankfully I have a bunch of girls at work that are willing to help keep me motivated.

I have also set goals such as reading 30 books this year, I want to get back to blogging and writing.  I would also love to buy a house this year (although this is very much up in the air at the moment).  But most of all I want to enjoy my time, I want to appreciate all that is happening and all that will happen.  I look forward to finding my zen



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