About I’ll Be Your Water

Wedding 9/2007

I have pages on each of us individually, but I think you deserve to know more about us as a collective whole. So here we go;

The hubby and I initially met way back in elementary school up in Seattle. (Yes, I had crush on him at that point 🙂 ) He moved back to Florida during the summer before 7th grade, I changed schools at that point too, we lost contact for a while. Until he found me on Myspace a few months before we graduated high school (2006).

After he graduated in May, he came up to Seattle to visit his uncle and grandfather here. We figured we get together, have a bit of fun and be done since I was moving to Oregon in July. Well, things didn’t finish as we had initially anticipated; we ended up having a long distance relationship for 9 months, he then came up to visit for my birthday. Sometime before he left we decided to get married, no there was no proposal, it was just a mutual decision (romantic I know). A month later he moved up north to be with me, 2 months later we learned we were pregnant with Lil’ Miss. And September of 2007 we were married, no it wasn’t because I was pregnant, it was due to my father trying to cause a disturbance after he and mom divorced. After Lil’ Miss was born we moved to Florida, lived there for 18 months and had Lil’ Man. Moved back to Oregon in November of 2009, and started school {again} and driving school bus (2010). Currently, we are in Seattle in a holding pattern, while I complete school. Then we’ll move home to Florida, forever and ever amen.

My wedding is where I got my blogs name, our wedding song was Keb’ Mo’s “I’ll Be Your Water” it exemplifies what the hubby and I think of our relationship; both then and now. We have promised to be there for each other no matter what and hold the other up when they can’t stand alone.

So, welcome to my our blog. Hope you enjoy your stay, and would love to hear from ya!

June 2009


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