The Munchkins

Lil Miss

Born in Feb 2008 she continues to grow way too fast. Always a riot and saying or doing something to get everyone to laugh. Absolutely loves sports, yells things like “Oh no, my football game” during commercial breaks of the games. A daddy’s girl to the “T”.  Just started Kindergarten is beyond excited, routinely asks to go to school on Saturday and Sunday.

Loves; sports, Dora, Diego, animals

Lil Man

Born in August of 2009 he has had a rough time. Already had surgery for an undescended testicle and hernia.  He was diagnosed with autism in 12/2011.  He attends pre-school through the local school district, has more therapists than mom and dad can count but is a happy, funny Lil Man. He loves his mommy only because she’s the push over and is a noisy boy’s boy.

Loves; food, cars, and annoying sister.


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