Tuesday Morning Thoughts

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Well yesterday was a bit of a tough day, I finished some final papers for school at Starbucks.  (Have your tried to write research papers with a 4 year old and a 2 year old? Don’t.  Just trust me on this)

Following the time at Starbucks I went to the hospital to pick up a copy of an OT report for Lil Man so that we can {hopefully} get him into a Birth-Three program.  I was reading through the report, like I always do, and first thing that caught my eye was that Lil Man supposedly has a 10 year old brother.

Where this brother came from or who he belongs to? Not a freaking clue 😀

Anyways, put report away stopped at the store; before running in on finished flipping through it–Lil Man based on the DYAC is at 7 MONTHS development!  Ok I obviously knew he wasn’t up to par, and I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that.

So yea, I don’t think we will have a problem getting into Birth-Three at all considering he is 2 years 8 months. (Holy crap he is more than 2 years behind.)

Well then, after that I had the wonderful privilege of talking to a dear friend in FL, who is always an awesome support system for me and hubby.

And I went through this whole, holy shit how are we going to move.  I have to insurance in place to get him his needs, yada yada yada.

Her response to my panic/crisis: “On the bright side, I don’t foresee a wine shortage or prohibition in the future.” And this is why I love her.

We also talked about Lil Miss, which I don’t do often here it seems (purely because Lil Man is so dominant in our lives right now, ya know)

Lil Miss has a tendency to try and “help” with Lil Man–even when he is melting down or obviously upset, and after being told not to.  So, we have started telling her only mommies and daddies can help Lil Man when he is sad or angry.

Yesterday, while outside playing with a squirt gun thingy she stops, looks at me, and says “I wanna be a mommy, too.”  So of course I asked her why.

Her response? “So I can help make your baby [what she calls Lil Man lately] all better”  And cue my heart melting and water works.

No matter how often she drives me insane I know she is such a sweet, kind, and compassionate little kid.  And the majority of the things she does she is doing because she thinks it helps.  She is also loving and protective of Lil Man (they’re only 18 months apart) and that has always amazed me.

My friend in FL reminded me that these two are just lucky to have each other.  And they are, everyday they are blessed to have one another as siblings.


#SNRyanGosling — Terrible Week Edition

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Well, this week just blowed.  Actually it was much worse than that but I can’t think of  a proper term to use to describe it. :-/

It started out with last Friday after work I took Lil Man to our PCP just to touch base because we hadn’t seen him since November when he referred us for Autism evaluations.

2 weeks before Lil Man had an EEG and I knew the results were to be back in about a week, since I hadn’t received a phone call from anyone I figured everything was ok (yea know, no news is good news?) Boy, was I wrong.

Dr. Herman (our PCP) wanted to know what the plan was for taking care of the results with the EEG, as the report was fairly vague.  I told him I didn’t know as I hadn’t received any notice it was abnormal.

So he read me the report and it says that they saw seizure activity on the EEG, but it could have been the sedation, so Dr. Herman asked if we had seen any seizure activity.  I told him yes, that was why we had the EEG done sedated rather than wait until we thought he could handle it awake.

I then went through the description of what we are seeing, in a nutshell absences seizures; staring of into space (and unable to be “startled) and some flicking of the tongue at the same time.

So Dr. Herman suggested I call and make a sooner appointment with Lil Man’s Autism doctor, which I did immediately following exiting the building.  I learned that his doctor at the Autism center wouldn’t be returning to the office until May 8th (the day of our appointment) and that was why we hadn’t heard anything.

Some how we had fallen through the cracks and no one read the report when it arrived at the center :-/ so we ended up getting an appointment set with a neurologist (we have seen before) for next Thursday and hopefully we will have a clearer direction from there.

(Wow, that was ALOT longer than I thought it would be).  The rest of the week just was crappy, Wednesday I found out to pass my internship I have to take a Major Field Exam.  Which wouldn’t be too bad but I have to take it in person, in Eugene OR and I am currently living in Seattle.

That’s right after 16 weeks of being in the class, and my advisor knowing I was in Seattle, I am told to get credit and pass this class I have to travel for AT LEAST 2 days to take this test.

Because of the time of the test (6pm on a Thursday) it would require me to stay at least that night, and that would mean I would have to leave here at about 6am so I had enough time just in case of traffic since it is about an 8 hour drive down there.  But, unless Jon can go with me I can’t take the van which would mean renting a car or taking the train/flying, but then I would have to leave Wednesday and not head back until Friday making it 3 days. 😦

Oh yea, I have to take the test (and have all the logistics, including child care) figured out this next week since the test is on May 3rd.

And finally yesterday on the way home from work/internship the brake pedal in the van about hit the floor before braking. Which means that I now have to replace the rear brakes (and they’re DRUM, ugh) and do it before we go to Eugene if that’s the route we take.

No worries I have them fixed well enough for around here by bleeding the lines and topping off the master cylinder with brake fluid. I also had to adjust the shoes/parking brake, but they will be ok for a bit until I can get them done.

Alright, now that I have just brain dumped my problems on the page I give you Ryan Gosling (the reason why y’all show up every week).\

Man Ryan planning is the worst.  Thank you.

Oh boy the first quiz I am actually excited about 😉

Aww, thanks Ryan.

Go get ’em Ryan!

 Thanks for stopping by, I love all the comments and the understanding of my rough weeks.  Now go over and check out Sunday’s blog to see her take (they’re hilarious) and the rest of the gang’s posters for this week.

Ultimate Blog Party

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Well, I have decided to make a true effort to blog more and become more active in the blogosphere.  I have found such wonderful friends and support people out here in the interwebz during my various trials and tribulations through life.

Thus, I decided to participate in this, what appears to be, amazing blog party put on by 5 Minutes for Mom.

 Ultimate Blog Party 2012

So, a little bit about me and what my blog is about is what I am supposed to write.

Well, first I am a 23 year old wife to a true Floridian boy and mom to 2 beautiful kids.  My daughter is 4  and is SO much like me it is uncanny, while my son is 2 and recently diagnosed with autism (12/11).  We have also recently learned that he might being have seizures.

I am also a survivor of incest and rape, childhood mental abuse, and an adult child of an alcoholic.  I currently go to school full-time and am 2 semesters away from B.A. in psychology, after which I plan on going to grad school in central FL (where hubby is from) to become a trauma counselor/psychologist.

But, this blog is mostly about my daily life as a mommy and wife.  I spend time venting about how the hospital loses my son’s blanket, my views on various hot topics, I talk about my schooling, and am never afraid to share what {little} I have learned about parenting a special needs child.

My passion is helping others, so while this blog started as away to blow steam off it has quickly became (in about a year) where I put my thoughts on various things and gain feedback/insight and friendship from others.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stick around, you can learn more about me, my hubby, the kids, and how hubby and I met by clicking on the tabs above.  Please leave any questions/comments in the comments.

I look forward to visiting all your blogs SOON!

Special Needs Ryan Gosling: Country Style

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So this week was far less eventful then the past few, just busy.  I had an interview that I feel went pretty well; it’s for a job at group home for children 6-12.  These are kids that have been removed from the home and aren’t able to maintain foster family placement (severe behavioral problems and sexually aggressive youth), which thanks to my wonderful mom I have been around since I was a child (she was licensed as a therapeutic foster home the majority of my life).

I have an observation and follow-up interview next Thursday and am really excited!

This week on the kids’ front has been pretty nice; Lil Man is back into a routine and is being his hilarious self again.  He also said “UP” without prompting AND in context yesterday at speech therapy!!! (Mind you it was in reference to him putting his car up on the ledge and we haven’t heard it since, but I’ll take it!)

Lil Miss has been receiving melatonin nightly too (we just started this and after much debate), she is sleeping much better! We still have some sassy toddler moments during the day but they are much easier to head off then they were.  No more full meltdowns (in fact, knock on wood, we haven’t had a tantrum so bad she needed to be removed from “general pop” since the Easter debacle!!)

Speaking of Easter, UGH, I refuse to have any more “family” get togethers until we are in Florida and are near family/friends that get it. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Ok, now on to the reason all y’all have clicked over to my blog today; Ryan Gosling!!  This week Sunday picked a picture that reminded me of the country that I had no problem tapping right into my ol’ country self 😉

Oh man I wanna ride the real Tonka trucks, too! 😉

Who can refuse a scarecrow like Ryan?

You ain’t gonna tell me twice.

We have a zoo trip tomorrow (it’s actually becoming spring here in the PNW), what do y’all have planned for this weekend?  Whatever it is, I hope y’all have a great weekend!

Special Needs Ryan Gosling

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Oh my it’s been a long week and we really haven’t done anything. I hate these kind of weeks, because we were just recovering from Lil Man sleeping all day Friday thanks to the procedures but I literally have gotten NOTHING done.  So I have a back log of chores and errands. 😦

Lil Man even missed all his therapy appointments this week because we just couldn’t get awake enough to attempt them.

Sleep-deprivation has been a combo of his schedule now being screwed up from sleeping all day last Friday and the lack of his blanket; while I understand it was an accident and accidents happen I am furious.  Everything was done to make this procedure appointment successful and then they lose a blanket.

This blanket mind you isn’t a small baby blanket, this is a stadium blanket that my husband’s football buddies (at 6’4″ and 300+ pounds) can be under and not look dumb. And why I know this is irrelevant* 😉

So without further delay, here are my Special Needs Ryan Gosling this week (and, boy do I wish he were at the hospital to make waves last week)

(I am positive the germs are too scared to get close to you and if not that jacket will keep the germs out.)

(I bet you will Ryan 😉 )

That’s all I have this week (late even) as I have to now go off and do intern hours on the DV crisis line.  ::fingers crossed:: I don’t fall asleep between calls.

Special Needs Ryan Gosling (I’m BACK)

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EEG/EKG Updates at bottom 😀

This week has been CRAZY; well ok our house is normally crazy but it was over the top this week.

My birthday was Monday, I went to do intern hours, and had a phone interview with Social Security to discuss getting SSI for Lil Man.  Then Tuesday was Lil Man’s pre-anesthesia appointments, for his procedure tomorrow; Wednesday was an all day work day for me and received a call that my interview for next week wanted to reschedule for today. (yea, a day’s notice) So obviously today was the interview (more on that in a minute) but we also had speech this morning and snuck into OT (just a cancellation, no long term yet).

So this interview, it was great! It was in Belltown (near Pike Place Market) and is an overnight shelter for homeless women, I should know something within 10 days.

But, the best part was after parking (ugh, I hate those prices) got out and paid, on my way back to put the ticket in the window I got hit on.

A homeless guy comes up tells me I have “great legs” (thank you soccer and Tae Kwon Do) and asks if I’m single. I was ok and even flattered with that, then he asked if I had socks in my car for him and he wanted to see in the van at this point I got a little weirded out thanked him and headed off to my interview across the street.

Lil Man has been doing great, we have been sleeping from 9:30-10ish until about 9 in the morning, OMG that feels good.

Speech today went wonderful, his therapist is completely on board and willing to talk to the other SLP/behavioral specialist so we are moving ahead with her and getting materials to create a picture book and implementing it and continue to work with words.

We also got to see Melissa the OT who did his evaluation since another client canceled for today only.  We worked on playing in shaving cream (he doesn’t like his hands messy, and only plays in the tub like a pool doesn’t like hand-washing/towels, etc), feeding a puppet dog (interactive play) and he was doing great with this. He started out opening the dog’s “mouth” and then he started putting in the puppy’s “paw” (like we do with cookies, etc) and watching puppy feed himself.

It has been a great week and Lil Man (although we had a few complete meltdowns) has been a wonderfully happy boy, flapping and jumping even giggling.

But tomorrow he goes in for a sedated EEG/EKG and because we don’t have a baby-sitter I have to go by myself and hubby & Lil Miss will be staying home.  So I am bit nervous and worked up, hopefully I can stay calm enough that I can get some homework done while he’s under.  (Or, I’ll just take Ryan’s advice and lay my head right here in his lap 😉 )


And now, on to why you all came here Special Needs Ryan Gosling. (Thank you Sunday for hosting!)

(Ryan is such a gentleman)

(Oh man, am I blushing.)

Go over, link up with Sunday, and check out all the other fantastic Special Needs Ryan Gosling posts!



Thank you all for the well wishes about the EEG. I am so thankful to be here at Seattle Children’s instead of OHSU like last time.

The anesthesiologist is AMAZING, Lil Man’s team was communicating by e-mail, literally, all week to make this as successful and non-traumatic as possible for all of us.

So the anesthesiologist had Cars (Lil Man’s kryptonite) on cue, let him watch it the whole time (Lil Man even let Dr. Long [anesthesiologist] carry him from the pre-procedure room to the procedure room!), and then Dr. Long slipped the mask on to his face while he happily watched the movie. I was there the whole time and even helped get him laid down (he was snuggled in Dr. Long’s nap with the mask on to go to sleep :D) there wasn’t a single sniffle, hiccup, or scream.

Compared to last time I would fly from anywhere to have this team for Lil Man, they are with a doubt amazing and sensitive to his needs. Typically kids can only have 1 item [blanket, paci, whatever], Lil Man was allowed to keep his blanket, McQueen,and a paci.  They worked hard to make this successful.

I will see in about an hour how recovery is going (the procedures runs until 12:30ish) but I am sure they will do just fine with him and this trip will not scar Lil Man like the last surgery/procedure trip.

2:30pm —

It all went well for the most part, I got paged right at 12:30 pm to come back and see him in recovery.  As soon as they opened the doors to the procedure center I heard him screaming (that’s normal for him when he wakes up at anytime), we got his IV out and all the electrode leads off, and got him dressed in his spiderman ‘jamas.

That’s when I realized his blanket was gone, an orderly put it in with the hospital linen and it had already been picked up and taken away.  They are contacting the linen group telling them it is there and if they see it to send it back and they will get it to us.  But, I doubt anyone will find it, and that means we have had to implement Operation:Blanket Replacement.

I have several field operatives in Central FL (it was a blanket from hubby’s high school) looking for it, and they are under strict orders to capture the first one they see and have it transported to us (on our dime of course) to try and maintain some sense of normalcy for him, as that was his favorite blanket and he used it everynight to go to bed.

Crossing my fingers we can find a good replacement and until it can get here his attitude won’t be to bad and that he will be able to sleep without for a bit. :-/

Special Needs Ryan Gosling (My first time…)

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This week has been a little crazy.  Del had a new speech therapy appointment and we are getting things ready for him to have a sedated (I have to notate that I corrected this from “seated” because everyone was so kind and didn’t point it out; however, I do believe that he will be lying down–for at least the EEG 😀 lol) EEG/EKG next week.

Lil Man’s current therapy consists of him running around (kid “directed”) and her blowing bubbles at him saying “blow” and “POP!” Which is great for working to teach him to talk but he needs a way to communicate sooner than later.  So this new therapist specializes in autism and behavioral concerns.

So, she (Dr. Noah, she has PhD in Special Education/SLP) worked with Lil Man on a picture system. Essentially giving or pointing to a card to indicate what he wants. For example, the card with a picture of cars on it to get cars out of the bucket. And then it would be expanded from there to include things like “drink,” “snack,” “bath,” etc..

And all that concerns leads me to this: (yea, I know not the best transition {ok, probably the worst} but I have NO brain lately)

Sunday over at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood has created a weekly link-up based off the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” photos for all of us parents of special needs kiddos.

There are always great photos up from other parents (and Sunday, of course); but I have been kind of timid to try it (I don’t wanna look like an idiot).  But, with the past few days happenings and realizing Lil Man’s current Speech Therapist isn’t doing the best for HIM, I decided to give at whirl.

Check out Sunday’s blog for the info on how it started, how to link up, etc, and join in!

So without further adieu I give you my first “Hey Girl” 😀


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