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So I had planned on spending today pouring my heart out a little more: getting some more thoughts, emotions, fears on the page.  Then hubs started puking, Lil Man came home from school and then started puking, and when I thought it was going to be an ok night (as the boys had stopped puking) my SIL and Lil Miss started puking and thus I was up until about 2 and back up at 4:15 with Lil Miss puking some more.

I am thinking I will probably need a nap, but since hubs is scheduled to work and all the other adults are sick I am not sure when that’s going to happen.  (See also: THANK GOD FOR HAND WASHING.  I totally learned how to do it “right” and effectively when mom was going through chemo and I can’t count how many illnesses it has saved me from.)

Thus, I think tomorrow (as long as everyone remains healthyish) I will pour my heart out and get some things out then.


Valentines Day and other love things….

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With Valentine’s Day yesterday; I was reminded that some people are just narrow minded. A large number of women were proposed to on Valentine’s Day (or even married) this year, in past years, and in future years. And for some reason every female feels the need to share her engagement story on that day.

So when I was asked how I was proposed to do I said (mostly) jokingly “Jon never proposed to me–I just slid the marriage certificate under some other papers and he signed it. There we’re married” While I was kidding about the sneakiness; I was serious about the proposal.

Jon never proposed, we got together after we graduated in 2006; thinking it was going to be a summer fling. Well, it turned out to be more (obviously). And after 9 months of a long distance relationship, he came to visit me for 2 weeks to celebrate my birthday. At some point before he left we decided this was it and we were getting married. He reiterated that at the airport before he went through security–he said he would be back and we would get married. End of story; no one on their knee, no “romantic” dinner, not even a ring.

But, you know what? This is so us; I am planner first off and a complete control freak bit of a reign taker. Although once we decide to do something we jump in with both feet. I am happy that we didn’t have a huge to do about it. Our decision was based on our love, and the desire to have the other in our lives for ever. Not about material things or the times ticking, whatever. It was pure and it was us. That’s what matters. Don’t judge me for thinking my romance is perfect just because it’s not like yours and you wouldn’t want it that way.

Besides that the kids had an awesome day. They both got balloons and a treat; as well as an outfit for today’s community Pep Rally to cheer on the Riddle Irish girls who are the number 1 seed in the Mountain View conference play offs. (My husband is the assistant for the boys team).

That is all 🙂 (BTW, thank you for listening to my rant)

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