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So I had planned on spending today pouring my heart out a little more: getting some more thoughts, emotions, fears on the page.  Then hubs started puking, Lil Man came home from school and then started puking, and when I thought it was going to be an ok night (as the boys had stopped puking) my SIL and Lil Miss started puking and thus I was up until about 2 and back up at 4:15 with Lil Miss puking some more.

I am thinking I will probably need a nap, but since hubs is scheduled to work and all the other adults are sick I am not sure when that’s going to happen.  (See also: THANK GOD FOR HAND WASHING.  I totally learned how to do it “right” and effectively when mom was going through chemo and I can’t count how many illnesses it has saved me from.)

Thus, I think tomorrow (as long as everyone remains healthyish) I will pour my heart out and get some things out then.


I am a terrible blogger….

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I have been on a bit of an impromptu hiatus.  I needed the space, I needed to breathe,  I needed to find me in the world.

Although I still haven’t completely succeeded in the last one I am well on my way.  I have forged my own path, I have began to become the person I was meant to be, doing the things I was meant to do.

A quick update; Lil Man is doing well.  He is now in school and minus one escape to the road is doing great there with lots of progress.  Lil Miss is full of the awesome and is doing amazing in school; actually the only concern I have is how far ahead she is and the behavior we could see if she becomes bored in classes. Hubby is awesome, he got a promotion at work to Loss Prevention and is loving every minute of it (this being the guy who threatened to greet my uncle, who happens to be a cop, as “The Man”). 

I have found a new job, one that appreciates what I bring to the table and allows me to flourish working with this population.  I went from young kids (6-12ish) to working with at-risk teen girls.  I am in love, I get to use my knowledge and training in sexual assault and domestic violence and truly grown as a person and a professional here.  As of today I am officially a supervisor, after being with the company for only 4 months, it’s a great feeling.

I completed my BA in Psychology (graduated December 14th) and am going back to class in a few weeks, I am hoping to get a second BA in before I start grad school–if I am accepted–in the fall.

2013 is looking bright, I can’t wait; I am excited to be where I am but even more excited about where I am going and where I will end up.  I have set a few “resolutions” for myself, although they are more like goals.

One, being starting to attend church.  With my work schedule this maybe hard but I am hoping to make it once a month.  I have been longing for and searching for my spiritual home for awhile, a bit deterred of following the religious/church path.  Then I began to look, again, into the Episcopal church; I need to go on a Sunday and such but, fingers crossed, I think I may have found my home in the Episcopal church at a congregation about 20 minutes from home.

Second, I would love to participate in a 5k for charity this fall.  So getting myself up and moving is going to be key, thankfully I have a bunch of girls at work that are willing to help keep me motivated.

I have also set goals such as reading 30 books this year, I want to get back to blogging and writing.  I would also love to buy a house this year (although this is very much up in the air at the moment).  But most of all I want to enjoy my time, I want to appreciate all that is happening and all that will happen.  I look forward to finding my zen


Christmas Prep

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Oh it’s that time of year. Full of family, fun, and stress.

I am almost finished with finals, the kids have now been informed it’s Christmas time (I wait until after Thanksgiving, they still don’t have the seasons figured out), and I begin worrying about presents, overwhelmed and over-stimulated kids.

This year I am more concerned then ever, we have Lil Man who has been diagnosed with autism and we are going to someone else’s house for Christmas Eve dinner.  Not to mention the obvious concern of meltdowns and overstimulation, Lil Miss doesn’t do noise well (like at all), it’s a new house to them, and I have never been there.  We have no place to take them in meltdown mode there, and we have no “breather” space (that’s what we call a timeout, prior to the bad behavior starting…if that makes sense)

And then of course my food allergies; I usually just buck up, take things with me to eat, and take allergy meds.  But, it’s still added stress to get those things ready and make sure those things are not forgotten packed.

Any suggestions from you Autism, food allergy, veteran moms would be appreciated.  Really 😀

I am starting my baking, just chocolate chip cookies today, and after I am finished with finals I am planning on doing fudge and some cupcakes.  Fudge will go into goodie bags for our mailman, garbage man, etc. just like my mom did every year when I was a kid 😛

So what are your favorite treats for Christmas? What goodies to you have to have to make it Christmas?

(Mine is fudge, we make it every year.)

Life Is In the Way AGAIN

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Well, the past week has been a blast. Somehow (eyes 4 year-old with suspicion) a “sticky, yellow substance” came in contact with the logic board, battery, and track pad of my MacBook; they want $755 to fix it all.  Which actually isn’t bad, but I don’t have that much. 

So now I am relying on the library and hubby’s uncles (MICROSOFT) computers, ugh.

But, I have gotten an internship at DAWN here in the Seattle area.  YAY!! I will be starting in January and working through at least the beginning of May.  I am truly excited for this opportunity especially since they took me, even though they have two UW interns that they HAVE to take due to contracts. 

We went to the doctor on Wednesday for Del and I, Tricia and hubby go this coming Wednesday, Del has been classified as “high risk” for Autism and is being sent to Children’s for further evaluation.

Now, we have to wait for the referral to go through and them call us back with an appointment.  I hope it soon, because this hanging in the middle has to be the worst part.  As soon as we have answers as to what is going on, we can create a plan to work it out.  But, right now it’s just limbo and that SUCKS!

I have to (most likely) have another shoulder surgery.  But no one on the west side of the state, usually, takes my insurance. 

I have called some doctors that Molina says are in network, and a few are willing to review records and make a decision from there.  Hopefully someone will do it for me, or I have to wait another 5 months and possibly delay our move. 

Plus, I am not sure if I am gonna come make it another 5 months; today I can barely type, hold a pen, or turn a page.  Which makes not only homework difficult but parenting.  Del isn’t the most cooperative with diaper changes, and doesn’t follow directions, leading to heavy strain on my shoulder. :/ 

That is about all for now, I will update as I can without a computer. 

But if you want quick updates and snippets of what’s going on in life with me and the kiddies.  You can follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page.  Just click the buttons at the top of the page.

Thanks for the patience and understanding, I miss writing it all out, so hopefully I can figure out a computer QUICK!

Down The Rabbit Hole I Go

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“Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything.  Love still stands when all else has fallen” -Unknown


I try my best not to worry when things get rough, I know that they always work out.  Hubby and I have been together for more than 5 years now, and through every trial and tribulation we have ever faced we have overcome TOGETHER; and ended up being stronger because of that.  But none the less when it comes to the roof over our head and the money in our bank account I get sick to my stomach quick and easy.

My mom just texted me (very “sternly” I might add) that her landlords were both undergoing chemo and had to sell the home, the new owners had a 48 hour clause of anyone else in the home in the new rental contract, they have to July to decided to stay or move.   She believes they will move, and if they do they are looking about an hour, in either direction, of where they currently are.  Meaning the original plan of me going back to Oregon to work in August isn’t gonna happen as planned, if at all, because I was going to stay with them until I had school money and move Jon and the kiddies to our own place.  And, just the other day I was told that the landlord of Jon’s uncle’s house hasn’t paid his mortgage in nearly a year…I mean I knew we were told not to worry about rent, but I didn’t know that was why.

Thankfully, Jon found a job at Fred Meyer, that he seems to be enjoying, for now.  I have school, but I have no idea what to do from here.  I hate moving to start with (I lived in 3 homes the entire time I was growing up), and then to throw in I have no idea when, where, or how we will be moving scares me shitless.  The only thing getting me through is knowing we just have to make it through another year, plus a few months. Then I will be done with school, and we will be moving back south.  Both for me to start Grad school and for us to be closer to my in-laws….who are the most awesome people in the whole world, I am damn lucky to have them. Ok, two things get me through; so, that and knowing my hubby is with me every step of the way.

My kids are too young to understand exactly what’s going on, but they know and feel mommy is stressed, agitated, and short tempered.  I feel terrible and I am working on staying calm, but all I really wanna do is sit in the corner and cry.  Must remember one day at a time, one day at a time.

I know lots of people are out there struggling, and that I am not alone.  And that is somewhat comforting, and have read some others blog stories, knowing that people have it far worse than I.  But, I needed to vent; so thanks for listening 🙂

Trading Class Rings for Dog tags

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I have been thinking about this post for a few days. How best to relay my thoughts. So what a better time than on my homework break, so I can do this…..

Oh the price of beauty.

Anyways, now that I have scared you all away I can continue on my with my ramblings.

Not that long ago (as I am constantly reminded by my coworkers) I was in high school. And will admit had several suitors; never dated a guy unless it was a commitment no matter how short. That’s just me, so I always had a class ring.

Hopefully you all know what I am talking about, the ritual of a guy giving you his class ring to hold onto (or his letterman’s jacket) and it was the prized possession.

I realized the other day that I went from that to dog tags. They are a military wives husband, best friend, and security when the military man is gone.

Just rambling I know 🙂

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